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Transformational journey to
a physiological and spiritual
labor and birth experience

Sarah Malka Holistic Doula
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I am a mother of 3. Always wanted to be a doula. Something inside of me wanted to work with pregnant women, and their babies.


So being a Birth Doula became  my dream. It took me a while to be able to support my clients in the way that I wanted: a holistic approach.

I first became a Reiki Master, Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Reflexologist, Energy Healer and Sound Healing Practitioner. Recently I added to these amazing skills a whole new set of birth detective skills with the certification as a BRM®️ Pro (To read more about Body Ready Method®️ go to

My journey doesn´t stop here; every birth I get to be part of, teaches me something new, and I feel honored to be able to support moms in their own unique way.

Supporting their connection to the ancestral wisdom hidden in their DNA. Empowering them and seeing them grow into consciousness of their own strength and the beauty of becoming a participant in their own birth instead of an spectator.

Prenancy en White

Listen to your body
You are not stuck.
You are free to take a step
to change your mind
to try something new.
Consider and Out of Hospital Birth



Holistic Birth Doula

As a holistic doula, I am committed to empowering and guiding you through a natural, mindful, and transformative birthing experience.

I bring into my doula practice

 extra love and care and all my holistic practitioner skills.

Birthing Classes

Knowledge is power and it transforms your options.

 These classes are designed to prepare parents for labor, birth, and postpartum. 

Lets talk about birth choices,  stages of labor, pain management techniques, medical interventions, and postpartum care.

An introduction to breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and partner support strategies. 

Holistic Practice

Whether you are feeling anxious, out of balance or just to treat yourself, book a prenatal massage, sound healing bath, trauma relief massage or energy healing session during   pregnancy or postpartum.



"I am forever grateful that Sarah Malka was my Doula at my second birth. Not only was she there for me for every moment in every stage of labor, she was there for me during my entire pregnancy. (Starting at 14 weeks when I hired her to be my Doula.) she’s not just a Doula that meets you at the hospital and coaches you how to deliver your baby. She is a Doula that will hold your hand and support you emotionally and physically from the moment you hire her. I had painful swelling in the second trimester and she administered the best soothing prenatal massages. I had trauma from my last birth stored in my pelvic floor and hips and through her powerful energy healing expertise she helped me release those fears and relax my pelvic floor to ensure a smooth delivery. When I encountered emotional ups and downs of pregnancy, she was there to talk me through it with such loving guidance. 

My dream was to have a gentle and natural yet hospital birth and she helped achieve that difficult feat!! My contractions started at midnight and she came to my house and stayed right by my side throughout the entire night and next day until thank god my baby was born. While we labored at home she created a spa-like experience with essential oils, massage, reflexology and hot showers even through painful contractions! During labor my husband turned to me and said “this is the best money I spent in my life, we are under paying her.” 

She brings such a beautiful, motherly energy that creates the greatest sense of calm and relaxation even during intense  contractions. 

Even when it was time to go to the hospital she helped my birth remain a beautiful, spiritual, natural experience as opposed to a scary medical procedure. 

My husband and I keep saying again and again how grateful we are to Sarah Malka that she created such a calm environment that allowed my husband to be so THERE and present and it was such bonding beautiful experience for us that I am eternally thankful for. 

I strongly believe that because she helped me connect to my baby during the entire labor and delivery it really smoothed the transition into postpartum and nursing and bonding with the baby. 

Sarah Malka is truly the greatest Doula in the world  THANK YOU!

Yael G.
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